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How many fans does Taylor swift have in 2023

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How many fans does Taylor Swift have in 2023? (Based on Research) USA + Worldwide

By Team S.U.R.A.T

Updated on: October 13, 2023

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All about Taylor Swift fans, who are often called Swifties

If you’re a Swiftie the concept of a Swifties Universe is the evolution of a huge global community raising their presence online with a go to destination for creating your own SwiftieTV channel  upload photos, some videos and text to share your life, thoughts, experiences, and passion for TaylorSwift, your favorite artist with comments/images/ video…and even video chat globally with Swifties worldwide.

Information and data noted and referenced are real facts, data, and research.  

The journey into the world of Taylor Swift’s global fanbase in 2023! 

How and Who Behind the Research

■ There are two reasons why integrates the data from Morning Consult.

1-Gobally known  websites like Forbes and have mentioned this research in their own articles.

2- Morning Consult is a trusted polling firm with a history of being accurate in their predictions. For example, in the 2016 presidential election, they correctly predicted the national popular vote for Hillary Clinton.

We have confidence in the information from Morning Consult.

Taylor Swift 2023 USA & worldwide based on their research.

How many fans does Taylor Swift have in 2023?

In 2023, a recent Morning Consult survey found that a significant portion of U.S. adults are fans of Taylor Swift.

■The survey revealed that 53% of American adults consider themselves as fans of Taylor Swift, out of which 16% are categorized as “avid” fans also known as Swifties.

How many fans does Taylor swift have in 2023

■As of August 12, 2023, the current population of the USA is 339,996,563, which can be rounded to 340 million.

So to calculate the Data.

Data Value
U.S Population 339.996 million
Percentage of U.S. adults who are Taylor Swift fans 53%
Total Taylor Swift fans in U.S. (53% of 339.996 million) 180.098 million
Percentage of Taylor Swift fans who are “avid” fans (Swifties) 16%
Total “avid” Taylor Swift fans in U.S. (16% of 339.996 million) 54.4 million

In conclusion, based on the survey results and the current population data, it is estimated that there are

 more than 180 million Taylor Swift fans in the USA alone,

 with around 54 million of them being ‘avid’ fans also known as Swifties.

These are just U.S. data based ; now, let’s explore the worldwide fan base.

How many Followers does Taylor Swift have?

To estimate Taylor Swift’s worldwide fan base, we’ll add up the number of followers she has on various social media platforms as of August 12, 2023.

Social Media Platform Number of Followers
Facebook 79 million
Instagram 270 million
Twitter 94 million
YouTube 53.5 million
TikTok 20.6 million
Snapchat 896 thousand
Tumblr Data not Available (Followers hidden)
Total Worldwide TaylorSwift fans 518.996 million

Note: The data provided above does not include Tumblr followers, as follower counts on Tumblr are not accessible to the general public.

■ As of August 12, 2023, Taylor Swift has more than 518.996 million followers on all of her social media platforms.

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 How many Swifties are there in the world?

Let’s use the survey data to figure out how many Swifties there might be among all the fans.

According to research, about 16% of people in the USA are considered avid fans of Taylor Swift. If we want to estimate the number of worldwide avid fans or “Swifties,” we can round that up to 20%.

Taylor Swift has a total fan base of 518.996 million people. If we take 20% of that total, it’s approximately 103.7992 million. So, we can assume that there are around 103.7992 million Swifties around the world.

To calculate this, we multiply Taylor Swift’s total fan base (518.996 million) by the percentage of Swifties (20% or 0.20):

518.996 million * 0.20 = 103, 800,000  total Swifties

Description Calculation
Taylor’s total fan base 518.996 million
Avid Fan % (Approx 20%) 20%
Total Swifties Worldwide 103,800,000

So, we can estimate that there are about 103,7992 million people who are genuine Swifties and really passionate fans of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift fan demographics

Let’s look at the demographic data of Taylor Swift fans from a Morning Consult survey.

Demographic Attribute Percentage (%) Percentage (%) Percentage (%) Percentage (%)
Gender Women 52% Men 48%
Age Groups Gen Z Adults 11% Millennials 45% Gen Xers 21% Baby Boomers 23%
Race/Ethnicity White 74% Black 13% Asian 9% others 4%
Political Affiliation Democrats 55% Independent 23% Republican 23%
Residence Suburban 53% Urban 26% Rural 21%
Household Income Under $50k: 49% $50k-$100K: 25% $100K+: 25%

Note: For mobile devices, use a horizontal swipe gesture to view the entire table by moving left and right.

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FAQ – Quick answers

How many Swifties are there in the world?

There are approximately 103,800,000 million Swifties around the world. Swifties are passionate fans of Taylor Swift who deeply enjoy her music and closely follow her career.

This estimate is derived from assuming that around 20% of Taylor Swift’s total fan base of 518,996,000 consists of Swifties.

What country has the most taylor swift fans?

The country with the most Taylor Swift fans is the USA, accounting for the highest fan base at 21.6% out of 100%, followed by

Philippines at 10.6%,

India at 9%,

Indonesia at 6.4%,

 Brazil at 5.3%, and list goes on.

Is Taylor Swift popular internationally?

Taylor Swift is an internationally renowned artist with global fame and a fan base of more than 500 million fans.

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