Beautiful Ghosts (Taylor Swift, “Cats”) Vocal Cover | MORGAN OLIVIA

It’s been YEARS since Musical Theater Morgan has seen the sun, but boy, oh, boy! This was FUN! I immediately fell in love with this song, and I think it will fit just so perfectly into the movie! I cannot wait to see it in theaters! I hope you all enjoy my cover! (Also, can you imagine writing with Andrew Lloyd Webber? Taylor Swift is living the freaking DREAM!) There were a lot of complications in getting this video put together and uploaded, and several times throughout the process I questioned why I am even bothering with a YouTube channel… But I love this. I love music. I love performing. And I love learning. I am learning so much in this process. Every failure and every imperfection is a showcase and a marker of my process of growth. I’m embracing it.

Instrumental track courtesy of Piano Nest:

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