Taylor Swift REVEALS Status Of ‘Lover’ World Tour!

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Taylor Swift has got fans all riled up over her upcoming ‘Lover’ tour. Yeah, I know it’s been about 5 days since the album dropped and already there’s talk of a tour!

Hey everyone, it’s Sussan Mourad with Clevver News and while all T-Swift news is good news, this one may make you a litttttttle nervous.

While Taylor is known for her incredible tours and performances, I mean DID YOU SEE the VMAs … yes Stunning, Spectacular… it was everything!

BUTT hold your horses because she isn’t quite sure what she will be doing in terms of a “Lover” tour!

Taylor recently spilled the deets while talking with Ryan Seacrest during his radio show.

She said Quote: “I’m not quite sure what we’re doing with touring because with this album, I was so full-on planning this album release and directing the videos and putting all these different clues in these videos and trying to make this album release experience the most fun one for my fans, that I didn’t want to plan what we’re going to do in terms of live. I don’t want to do the same thing every time because I don’t want my life to feel like I’m on a treadmill.”

Taylor girl, you’re making us a little nervous, but we respect all the time and effort you put into this album. I mean it wasn’t like i spent months dissecting all the clues in “Me!” and “You need To Calm Down” and most recently “Lover.”

OKAY, I totally did, so what!

Fans have been assured that they will see the album performed live, but in what capacity…well Taylor herself doesn’t even know.

All she knows is that she feels less pressure on touring for the album.

Unlike “Reputation” Taylor feels her fans already understand this album and the meaning behind the songs. Which apparently means she doesn’t feel the same rush to perform it live that she did with “Reputation.”

Listen, we get it. This album was very different and very personal, and I KNOW most of you, like me, have it on repeat. So I guess we should be glad that Taylor feels we already understand her music… but also her tours ARE legendary. So hopefully the wait won’t be too long, because you know we need our Taylor touring fix.

What do you think about the touring news? How long do you think it will be until we get an update on ‘Lover’ world tour details?? Please Taylor, your fans need you…and we’re pretty sure so does Ticketmaster. Chat it out in the comments section below.

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