Taylor Swift – Shake It Off Disney Style

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This fun video is a hilarious twist on Taylor Swift’s popular song, Shake It Off, featuring Disney characters shaking off their villains!
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Producer/Director: Rj Idos (@rj_idos)
For business inquiries contact: idosmediallc@gmail.com

Script, Lyric and Assistant Director: Lydia Russell
Production Managers: Andre Mateus and Logan Bench
Marketing Directors: Andre Mateus and Ben Cheng
Cinematography: Rj Idos, Weston Gleave, Marcus Joseph, Logan Bench, and Nick Sales
Aerial Video: Branden Bingham of B2 Skytography http://b2skytography.com/
Film Editor: Rj Idos and Logan Bench
Music Producer/Color Grading: Marcus Joseph (https://www.youtube.com/user/MarkyJayStudios)
Instrumentals: Legendary Beats (https://www.youtube.com/user/lxgendarybeats)
Vocals: Bri Stauss (Rapunzel) and Nate Turley
Make-up Artist: Angela Talley
Choreographers: Hero Thomas, Mclean Taylor, and Josh David

Special Thanks to our Sponsors:
COSTUME- Taylor Maid (http://taylormaidbeautyandtheatrical.com/),
Costa Vida (http://www.costavida.net/),
and The Matterhorn (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Matterhorn/150361895160557?sk=timeline)

Cast Members

Cinderella- Emily Bean
Prince Charming- Tanner Stauss
Step Sisters- Jeniece Sorensen and Kally Hughes
Step Mom- Thalia Taylor

Snow White- Emma Black
7 Dwarfs- Lee Richard Liston and kids
Evil Queen- Rachel Morris

Aladdin- Josh David
Jasmine- Sierra Reid
Jafar- Marcus Joseph

Belle- Kayla Mann Searle
Beast- Chris Searle
Gaston- Stephen Tullis

Little Mermaid- Josie Nicole Lister
Ursula- Emily McLean
Eric- Taylor Stauss

Merida- Micailey Smith
Family- Dyches Family (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYlzFl9rmPqHrMUj6Oc7-QQ)
Mulan- Wex Le
Shang- Huan Tran

Tarzan- Jeremy Lebaron
Jane- Chelsea Eakins

Giselle- Kathleen Smith
Prince Charming- Tanner Stauss

Peter Pan- McLean Taylor
Wendy- Angela Talley
Tinker Bell- Brennan Sloan
Mermaid- Monica Smith
Rufio- Kyle Navaratte
Lost Boy- Tracy Mills
Captain Hook- Stephen Tobian
Pirate- Kacey Kogianes

Pocahontas- Maricel Evangelista
John Smith- Jacob Privette

Anna- Chelsea Spittle
Elsa- Lydia Russell
Hans- Stuart Edge (https://www.youtube.com/user/stuartedge)

Rapunzel- Bri Stauss
Flynn Rider- Nate Moon
Mother- Tiffany Michelle

Hercules- Adam Peterson
Meg- Becky Lindstone

Alice- Cora Stone

We would like to thank the Provo Mayor, John R. Curtis, and Provo City for letting us film at Bicentennial Park!

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