Taylor Swift – “The Man” (cover by Song Suffragettes)

Listen to the song here: http://ampl.ink/WBDNJ

Song Suffragettes is a collective of female singer-songwriters who stand together in the face of systemic gender-disparity in the music industry. These individual artists perform in Nashville every Monday night at The Listening Room Café in a show that has featured more than 250 women in over 5 years. #LetTheGirlsPlay

Song Suffragettes:


“The Man”: Produced by Tasji
“The Man”: Vocal Recording/Mixing by John Caldwell
“The Man”: Video directed/produced by Ragtag

Performers (in order of appearance):
Chloe Gilligan
Sarahbeth Taite
Reyna Roberts
Maddison Krebs
Regan Stewart
Emily Brooke
Erin Grand
Caroline Marquard
Mia Morris
Michelle Pereira
Nora Collins
Gray Robinson
Raquel Cole
Stevie Woodward
Lexi Lauren
Carter Faith

“The Man”: Dan O’Callaghan
HR Lady: Laurel Green

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