Taylor Swift’s Decade Of ICONIC & WILD Moments!

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Award season is in full swing and we already KNOW it’s going to be a big year for our girl Taylor Swift. Starting with the biggest award of the night at the upcoming American Music Awards.What’s up? It’s Dani Golub here with Clevver News and with the 2010s coming to an end, it looks like this award season is going to be dedicated to celebrating a decade of growth and innovation.Starting with Taylor Swift who, if you ask me, was the logical choice to receive the Artist of The Decade award at the American Music Awards.She’s the only artist who was nominated for the AMA’s biggest award, Artist of The Year FIVE TIMES during this decade.Taylor’s also already won 24 American Music Awards throughout her career and has more Artist of The Year wins than anyone else in AMA history.So yeah, like I said, it was the logical choice.But obviously Taylor wasn’t the only contender for this award. There were some other names being tossed around as possible recipients like Katy Perry and Drake who each received four artist of the year noms in this decade.Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande all also each received three nominations, so I am sure they were being considered as well.But Taylor gets the crown this time, maybe in 2029 one of these artists can take home the prize.There are so many reasons why Taylor totally deserves this honor.Not only has she won more AMA’s than anyone else this decade, but this decade has really been hers.And we’re talking starting in 2010, I am gonna leave that 2009 VMA’s moment with Kanye in the last decade.Let’s start back at the beginning of the 2010’s when she won the Grammy Award for Best Country album and then fast forward a little to 2016 when she won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album
Taylor was the first ever artist to win both of those Grammys and yep, you guessed it, she did it all in this decade.She had not one, not two, and not even three, BUT FOUR albums come out over the past ten years.Our girl Taylor has been WERKIN.Red, 1989, Reputation, and Lover have all been milestones and chapters in Taylor’s career, one being more memorable than the next.My personal favorite from this decade is and always will be Red, but that’s just me! You KNOW that I am ready for the re-mastered version of that album, sorry not sorry Scooter Braun.We’ve also got to talk about her spot on the Billboard Hot 100.Taylor has the most top ten debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 for a female artist with 14 debuts, many of which were over the course of this decade.She’s had tons of her song reach number one like Shake It Off, We Are Never Getting Back Together, Look What You Made Me Do, Bad Blood, and Blank Space.The list goes on…And when she dropped her latest album Lover earlier this year, all 18 songs from the album made the Billboard Hot 100 chart.That is NO small feat. But her success hasn’t only been on the charts and with awards. Her last tour, the “reputation Stadium Tour,” became the highest grossing North American tour and highest tour gross for a female artist this decade making around $300 million.And the previous record for the highest-grossing tour was held by The Rolling Stones’ 2005 to 2007 tour, which played 70 shows compared to Taylor’s 38 show.But it wasn’t only financial records that Taylor set.Her tour set attendance records and made history in many of the cities it played. She became the first female artist to headline three consecutive nights at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium and the first female to sell out three nights at Massachusetts’ Gillette Stadium.So yeah, again, just another reason why she is most definitely worthy of the Artist of The Decade title.And hey, I promised I wouldn’t talk about Kanye, but she’s actually turned her drama from the decade into some of her best work.Her ongoing feud with Kanye and subsequently Kim Kardashian, has led to some of Taylor’s biggest hits.Her epic comeback song Look What You Made Me Do also was breaking records left and right.At the time, it broke the record for most-streamed debut week by a female artist, with 84.4 million streams in the United States alone.She also kicked “Despacito” off the top spot the Hot 100, where it reigned king for four months. So even the biggest drama this decade turned into some of her biggest successes.But the haters are still gonna hate hate hate hate.And fans are totally out here stanning Taylor for receiving this honor.AND they are sick and tired of defending Tay to other fandoms and haters.And I totally agree!I am just excited to see her win the honor and hear that speech!

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